HT Series Hydraulic Motors

A Strong Performance Servo Motor, Instant Reversibility and Precise Low Speed Operation Qualifies Hartmann as a Unique Motor.

Available in .5, 1.0, 2.2, 5.0, 7.6, and 10 cu. in. displacement

Unique Rol-Vane Motor Principle

Hartmann Rol-Vane Hydraulic Motor is an efficient and compact means of applying variable speed rotary hydraulic power and instant reversibility.

Smooth But Rugged Precision Features

  • Optimum Rotary Rigidity is achieved through use of a one-piece shaft-rotor assembly.
  • Constant Velocity of Rotating Elements – Absence of reciprocating and cam-operated parts reduces wear and its associated problems.
  • Uniformly Free Rotation through its entire speed range is made possible by the motor’s unique pressure balancing system which eliminates hydraulic loading and pressure locks.
  • Minimum Breakaway Pressure of 10 to 20 psi means high breakout torque efficiency.
  • High Volumetric Efficiency through use of precisely machined hardened steel rolling vanes which act as non-wearing valving mechanisms.
  • High Mechanical Efficiency is the result of close tolerance design and high degrees of finish.
  • Wide-Speed Range – Infinite speed variation can be had from a single motor, from a fraction of an rpm through full rated speed.
  • Quiet Operation makes the Rol-Vane motor ideal for use where low noise level is a must.