About Hartmann Controls

Hartmann Controls, Inc., has been producing hydraulic and fluid systems and components for more than 60 years. Our facility is located in Hartland, Wisconsin about 150 Kilometers Northwest of Chicago with easy access to water, air, and land-based transportation. Hartmann manufactures patented diesel exhaust fluid delivery systems and components, patented in-board trunnion hydraulic pumps and servo Rol-vane motors for delivery around the world. Known for our high quality and industry best delivery, Hartmann excels in providing pumps for challenging applications in the railroad, construction equipment, mining, energy, oil and gas, wood processing, and other industrial and mobile applications. Hartmann has placed an emphasis on pumps and components used in low lubricity and non-petroleum based fluids including fire resistant fluids, bio-engineered fluids, high water content emulsions, and DEF.

Hartmann produces all the critical components used in our products in a climate controlled facility with state of the art machinery, tooling, and inspection equipment. Our dedicated personnel view themselves as an extension of our customer’s engineering and production departments. The average Hartmann employee has been with the company almost 15 years providing our company with experience and product knowledge to meet strenuous customer and internal requirements. We know that our survival depends on quickly providing solutions to our customers and helping them with timely, cost effective, and real world tested products to meet the demanding needs of applications in the world today. All Hartmann fluid control products undergo recorded and serialized functional testing before shipment.

Hartmann Controls is committed to achieve excellence in the timely manufacture and repair of products through continual improvement and to meet customer and end-user requirements in product performance and delivery. In pursuit of this, we are dedicated to reviewing objectives as part of our continual improvement effort and meeting the requirements within the scope of our Quality Management System.

The organization is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and has received supplier honors and recognition from our major customers including GE Energy and Caterpillar.